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Merus Ring

Green and sustainable water treatment since 1996.

We recommend and provide Merus Ring to protect scaling and corrosion in Boiler and Chiller system, to our esteemed customers.

Merus Technology from Germany for the best benefit of your routine maintenance protection of all water bearings applications that you might have in any industrial facility and this technology is a Passive Preventative Maintenance Smart Technology in mitigating & controlling scaling, corrosion and fouling in the Hotel & other Industrial application starting from Upstream to Downstream. The beauty of the technology is that it requires NO Modification or shutdown of an existing system and your system can be treated and maintained without the use of chemical and manual mechanical cleaning!!

Merus Technology hardware operates on the basis of an entirely physics principle and can thus not be easily compared with conventional physical or other treatment units. It is GREEN Non-Conventional technology uses NON-CHEMICAL, NON ELECTRIC & NON MAGNETIC. With over 36,000 successful installations worldwide, the effectiveness of Merus technology is set to become an industry standard, as a totally passive, preventative maintenance solution for protection against corrosion, scaling and microbiological buildup inside pipework and all water bearing equipment in the industry.

  • Passive Preventative Maintenance
  • Requires or Consumes no power
  • Has no moving parts
  • Easy to install
  • Requires no maintenance

Merus German Technology Bio Rings uses water itself in the fight against rust, lime scale and bio fouling, including Legionella Disease. This unique technology delivers Active Oscillations to the water as it passes through the Merus Ring. These oscillations will reach throughout the entire system up to kilometers in the piping network including all ancillaries, even reaching into the dead legs of pipes, by pass loops and tank vessels and exchangers. Merus technology works using specifically modulated molecular oscillations and is not based on using fields created by electric coils or magnets. Merus technology has been developed empirically, and has been shown over and over again to work with great performance and efficiency. The active oscillations create a field within the collar of the BIO Rings, which penetrates all piping material and thus passes into the water as it passes through the Ring. Due to its bipolar properties, water can absorb, store and spread the active oscillations well through the entire water system. In the water, the active oscillations interfere with the natural oscillation of rust, lime scale, iron, etc. Owing to this overlapping, of oscillations, the behavior of the substances is modified. The result is: rust molecules disintegrate in an unstable form and are washed out. Iron no longer reacts to Fe2O3, but to Fe3O4 (magnetite), which is largely inert to further forms of corrosion. Lime remains dissolved in water longer and crystallizes out to a much lesser extent and thus the scaling.

Corrosion: Merus Rings are excellent performer against corrosion in numerous areas of application. In general, it can be said that simple forms of corrosion are reduced or stopped in all water-bearing systems. Corrosion can be stopped effectively using Merus technology and the existing layers of rust can be reduced in thousands of areas of application, ranging from normal piping and pipelines, water-bearing machines, steam generators, cooling/heating systems to sprinkler systems, Exchangers, Piping loops and much more.

Lime scale: Merus is used against lime scale primarily in technical water, in other words in systems in which water is used for transferring and transporting heat. Very good operating experience has been made with temperatures well above 100°C. Merus is used in areas ranging from huge heat exchangers to complete cooling loops in the Water & O&G Industries.

Microbiology: Merus Bio Rings solve microbiological problems in water. The spectrum of applications ranges from algae in open systems, cooling towers and biofilm/ bio-fouling in complex piping to the removal of legionella in drinking water installations.

Sea Water: Systems that use sea water such as boilers or evaporators can benefit greatly with Merus technology. Several Industrial applications sea water cooling source, which deposits calcium, salts and other minerals in the system. Current trials indicate that the Merus technology can eliminate these types of problem in cooling loop, resulting in better efficiency and performance.

MERUS Technology provides complete engineering solutions and services to improve EFFICIENCY of processes and operations in the Oil and Gas Industry each of which are targeted at solving specific problems and further prevents from Rust, Corrosion, Scaling, Fouling, Bio-Fouling & Bacteria/Algae in the Piping Systems of all kind, Heat Exchangers, Hot Vessels, Hot water systems, Cooling towers, Chilled Water systems, Fire Fighting systems, etc in Treated Water, Ground water, Sea water, Effluent Water, Waste Water, Potable Water etc reaching temp up to 800 Deg Centigrade of the process.

Merus Technology requires No Maintenance – it has No moving parts and No Power Required – Passive protection, Working range can go up to 10 kilometers in the system loop, Rings can work in water temperatures up to 150° C and surface temperatures up to 500° C. Rings are available from ½” to max 2 meter in dia off the shelf from Germany.